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Machinery Troubleshooting

At Pragmatic, we understand the importance machinery troubleshooting for identifying root causes in resolving machinery problems effectively and completely.

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Our approach

Our approach to machinery troubleshooting and machinery failure analysis is rooted in a structured, fact based methodology aimed at pinpointing the underlying issues affecting your equipment’s performance. We can either investigate on your behalf or provide facilitation and mentoring.

Our Methodology:

  • Thorough Assessment: We conduct comprehensive evaluations, gathering data and analysing the machinery’s historical performance, maintenance records, and operational conditions.
  • Expertise In Measurement: We have the expertise and specialist equipment to reveal the details of machinery behavior essential to understanding root causes.
  • Fact-Based Analysis: Through systematic and data-driven analysis, we uncover the factual evidence required to trace issues back to their origins, ensuring accuracy in our findings.

Benefits of machinery troubleshooting and failure analysis:

  • Precision in problem solving: Getting to the root cause allows targeted solutions, eliminating recurring issues and preventing future breakdowns.
  • Optimised maintenance strategies: Our structured approach aids in the development of tailored maintenance strategies, enhancing equipment reliability and longevity.
  • Cost Efficiency: Identifying root causes avoids unnecessary repeat repairs and minimizes downtime, saving both time and resources.

In-depth Vibration Analysis

At Pragmatic, we specialise in advanced and comprehensive vibration analysis services. Vibration analysis is a powerful technique used to assess machinery health, and our expertise lies in delivering in-depth insights that drive proactive maintenance strategies.

Our Methodology:

  • Multi-channel transient analysis for large machines & machines with flexible shafts,
  • Long term monitoring to catch intermittent problems,
  • Identify and solve problems due to unbalance, misalignment, resonance, rubbing, unsteady flow, self-excited vibrations, instability, and more.
  • Measurement of operational deflection shapes to identify weak structures, soft foot etc.,
  • Test solutions through virtual modelling and redesign,
  • Practical solutions for resonance problems using dynamic absorbers.

In-Situ Balancing

We offer effective on-site services for balancing of rotating machinery.

…from 787 tonne flywheel generators to 25,000 rpm gas compressors…

Where unbalance is the cause of excess vibration, we carry out in-situ balancing, avoiding the need for equipment to be removed from service and sent to a workshop. In-situ balancing ensures the rotor is balanced at its operating speed and conditions, which cannot be achieved on a workshop balancing machine.

We can offer:

  • Single plane balancing
  • Two plane balancing
  • Balancing of flexible rotors

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