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Specialists in Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring for industrial machinery.

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Who We Are

Pragmatic Maintenance and Reliability (PMAR) is a provider of predictive maintenance and condition monitoring services using various data collection methods to monitor industrial equipment. Condition monitoring involves regular health checks for industrial machinery so that clients can be warned about impending failures before they affect production or safety.

At Pragmatic we are dedicated to serving a wide array of industries and sectors. Our expertise extends across various fields, ensuring that we provide tailored condition monitoring techniques and comprehensive predictive maintenance services to meet the unique needs of each sector

Condition monitoring supports predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance benefits include a reduction of maintenance costs, increased productive capacity, and increased resource utilisation. We facilitate the implementation of predictive maintenance solutions through consultancy and training.


Routine Condition Monitoring Services


For non-certificated practical skills training we prefer to train on-site with your equipment.


Utilise precious maintenance resources more effectively.

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