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Independent Machinery Acceptance Testing

The initial months of operating a new plant are often plagued by increased downtime as teething issues are resolved. Prevent this by having us carry out Independent Machinery Acceptance Testing.  This enables you to detect any machinery problems early during commissioning, before full-stage production begins, and importantly whilst the installer / OEM can still be held to account.

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To minimise disruption from rotating equipment failure, it’s essential to adhere to specified installation standards and conduct independent machinery acceptance testing to identify problems at the earliest possible stage.

Specifying vibration acceptance standards at the tender stage ensures you only accept well-installed machinery. Performing independent machinery acceptance testing equipment checks before the end of the warranty period allows you to hold suppliers accountable for addressing any issues while it’s still their responsibility.

Whether you’re responsible for operations, project engineering, or machinery supply, we offer:

  • Expert advice on appropriate standards for machinery installation, alignment, balance, and acceptance.
  • In-situ, independent machinery acceptance testing conducted against recognised standards.
  • Troubleshooting of any problems that may arise, ensuring smooth operation.

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