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At Pragmatic, we understand that maintaining operational efficiency is paramount. Our structured, business-centred consultancy approach is designed to develop an effective maintenance strategy that ensures your maintenance resources are optimised alongside comprehensive financial justification. Whether you seek to implement the maintenance strategy through our consultancy services or prefer to integrate them through our comprehensive coaching, workshop facilitation, and training, Pragmatic is here to help.

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Maintenance Strategy

Pragmatic has developed a structured business-centred process to allow effective maintenance strategies to be developed for mature industrial organisations, ensuring that maintenance resources are used effectively. This can be provided as a service or brought into your organisation through coaching, facilitation of workshops, our consultancy services and training.

The Pragmatic cost-effective approach to maintenance strategy chooses the optimum mix of run-to-failure, preventative maintenance, and condition-based maintenance. This provides significant margin benefits, enabling businesses to simultaneously reduce unplanned downtime, maintenance hours, and costs.

Our maintenance strategy process lets you understand what assets you can run to failure and which assets you need a maintenance plan for.

You will obtain better value from walkarounds and inspections, optimise planned maintenance tasks, and utilise condition based maintenance to eliminate intrusive inspections.

Spares Justification

Do you have critical assets where spares are expensive and would tie up significant capital? Pragmatic can evaluate the optimal level of spares holding, considering potential risks, consequences, and delivery lead times for replacements. Our approach includes comparing the cost-effectiveness of consolidating critical spares across various locations, maintaining dedicated spare inventories, or partnering with key suppliers to manage spare parts inventories on your behalf.

Plant Reliability Improvement

Do you have assets that are chronically unreliable or whose reliability you would like to improve? As part of our consultancy services Pragmatic can provide an initial reliability audit followed by a focused action plan that will consider your resources and existing skill base. To support implementation of the reliability improvement plan we provide on-site training, coaching, and facilitation.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify the underlying issues behind repeat failures and machines described as ‘bad actors’. Analyse failed components and learn vital lessons to prevent recurrence.

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