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Our Mission & Values

Our mission & values are all about assisting our clients in achieving significant financial returns by implementing condition monitoring and fostering a predictive maintenance culture emphasising increased safety, operational reliability, and cost reduction.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide leading condition monitoring services, predictive maintenance services, products, consultancy, and training solutions globally, ensuring operational reliability and cost reduction for our clients.

Our Values


We understand the vital details that matter, and the scope of our attention extends way beyond simply providing condition monitoring services. We focus on what’s important, not on what is easy.


If you need a simple condition monitoring solution, we will deliver one. If your needs are complex, we’ll rise to the challenge. If we can’t do a job, we’ll say so.


We take considerable effort to understand our customer’s maintenance and operational needs and tailor our approach to deliver against those requirements.


With over 60 years of combined experience, Pragmatic has the practical expertise, professional qualifications, and specialist knowledge to help companies enhance their reliability, increase availability and throughput, and lower maintenance costs.

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