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About Us: Why Choose Pragmatic?

A lot has been written about the benefits of Condition Monitoring. References quote annual returns of between 5 to 20 times investment, yet surveys of organisations which have implemented Condition Monitoring report average returns which are much lower.

Closer inspection reveals that the most successful implementers do indeed achieve high returns on investment, whereas the majority break even or achieve a slight net saving. The difference is in the scope and detail of the implementation.

We understand the vital details that matter and the scope of our attention extends way beyond simply providing Condition Monitoring services. We focus on what’s important, not on what’s easy. Choose us as your CM partners and allow us to help you achieve extraordinary savings.

The benefits to be gained from a predictive, reliability-based culture extend far beyond the maintenance budget, so to get the most out of your investment you need to choose a partner whose capabilities go beyond the technical issues. Introducing new practices to industry requires a blend of skills to overcome inertia and resistance to change. We are highly adept at promoting change from reactive, breakdown cultures to a culture of planned and predictive maintenance and continuous improvement. We are equally at ease talking to front line maintenance workers about precision installation as we are presenting the economic case to executives in the boardroom.


Gain access to a concentration of expertise which we believe is unrivalled. Our core staff have, on average, over 25 years of experience in Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and have implemented over fifty successful CBM programmes in a diverse range of industries and cultures.

If you need a simple solution, we’ll deliver one. If you needs are complex, we’ll rise to the challenge. If we can’t do a job, we’ll say so. First and foremost, we are Engineers who pride ourselves in getting the job done. We don’t employ fast talking salesmen who make empty promises that they don’t have to deliver on personally.

Because no two customers’ requirements are the same, all our offerings are customisable – Whilst we have high standards, we don’t do ‘bog standard’. We take considerable effort to understand our customer’s maintenance and operational requirements and tailor our approach to deliver against those requirements. For routine monitoring contracts, flexibility extends to who carries out the monitoring and analysis – we can deliver solutions where we do everything, where you take the data and we analyse it or where we train you to take over the programme. These decisions can be made on a technique by technique basis.


We promise that we will not:
•  Pretend we know more about your plant than you do,
•  Try to sell you anything we don’t think you need,
•  Bullshit you,
•  Exaggerate potential benefits,
•  Do what’s easy.

We promise that we will:
•  Listen to you,
•  Actively try to understand your requirements,
•  Tell you the truth, as we see it,
•  Work with you to uncover the full value to be had through Predictive Maintenance,
•  Do what’s right.

We can provide you with a comprehensive range of services. We offer a wide range of Condition Monitoring techniques, so if you choose us as your partner, Predictive Maintenance of your assets needn’t be limited to one or two commonly used techniques. We also have the expertise to back up our routine monitoring offering with training, consultancy and in-depth machinery analysis and troubleshooting services.

Our intention is that our customers will come to think of us as long-term partners. The essence of any partnership is trust, and trust is built by consistently delivering on promises – in terms of technical competence, and through delivery on time and on budget.

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