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Utilise precious maintenance resources more effectively.

With maintenance budgets under pressure, resources must be used wisely. Reactive fire-fighting is expensive and leads to unplanned downtime but many planned maintenance programmes place too much reliance on subjective, non-value adding routine inspections, wasting worker hours. Cost effective maintenance programmes use the right mix of run-to-failure, preventative maintenance and condition based maintenance to reduce maintenance costs and improve availability. We have developed a structured business-centred process to put an effective maintenance strategy in place and find the right mix of maintenance tasks. This can be provided as a service or brought into your organisation through facilitation, coaching and training. We prefer to start with a short, focussed maintenance audit.

Get on top of your reliability problems.

Unreliable machinery wastes resources, affects profits and raises stress levels in the maintenance workforce.  Create a culture of continuous improvement in your plant, supported by systems, processes and tools aimed at identifying and solving the root causes of machinery unreliability. We provide an initial audit followed up with a focussed action plan, drawn up with your consultation and taking into account your resources and existing skill base. To support implementation we provide on-site training, coaching and facilitation.

Carry the right level of spares – and justify your decisions.

We can assess the most economic level of spares holding, taking into account potential consequences, risk, and lead time to delivery of replacements. Compare the economic benefits of pooling critical spares between different sites, holding dedicated spares or contracting with key suppliers to hold spares on your behalf and justify your decisions with a clear, robust financial analysis.

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