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Services: Machinery Troubleshooting
Improve plant reliability and reduce costs through investigation and rectification of machinery reliability problems and failures.

Get to the root-cause of machinery problems with our structured, fact-based approach.

Trial and error approaches to reliability problems can be expensive and time-wasting as resources are spent on the wrong solutions. Our fact-based root-cause analysis methods get to the heart of the problem; in fact we routinely use these methods as part of our vibration analysis services. The approach is particularly suited to potentially adversarial situations, e.g. when a supplier seeks to avoid responsibility for machinery problems. We can either carry out an investigation on your behalf or provide facilitation and mentoring. Application of these methods brings many benefits:

•  Focuses on costs and benefits up-front so that effort is matched to potential return,
•  Clear statement of problem which can be agreed on by all parties,
•  Fact-based approach allows opposing viewpoints to be evaluated without animosity,
•  Encourages collaborative approach with broad participation. All participants can see the progress
•  made on the investigation and the evidence collected to date,
•  At every stage the justification for particular tests is clear so clients can understand benefits before
•  committing to expenditure when specialist tests e.g. metallurgical examination, are called for,
•  Powerful cause-and-effect logic clearly identifies root causes.


Identify the causes of excess machinery vibration and solve them cheaply,
quickly and permanently.

Vibration problems are often difficult to pin down.
We have a complete toolbox of techniques to identify and solve problems:

•  Identify and solve problems due to unbalance, misalignment, resonance, rubbing, unsteady flow,
•  self-excited vibrations, instability and more,
•  Multi-channel transient analysis for large machines & machines with flexible shafts,
•  Long-term monitoring to catch intermittent problems,
•  Measurement of Operational Deflection Shapes to identify weak structures, soft foot etc.,
•  Test solutions through virtual modelling and redesign,
•  Quick solution for resonance problems using dynamic absorbers.

Fast, effective on-site services for balancing of rotating machinery.

Where unbalance is the cause of excess vibration we can often carry out in-situ balancing to avoid the need for equipment to be removed from service and sent to a workshop.

•  Single plane balancing,
•  Two plane balancing,
•  Balancing of flexible rotors.


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