Specialists in Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

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Services for Projects and Machinery Manufacturers
Services for manufacturers, new plants / plant retrofit and upgrade projects.

Minimise Whole-Life costs by planning for proactive and predictive maintenance at the design stage.

Changes made on the drawing board are much cheaper to make than upgrades to existing plant. Use our expertise to get the right level of technology specified at the design stage to facilitate lifetime low maintenance costs. This needn’t add significant capital costs. E.g. proactive maintenance of hydraulic systems is greatly facilitated by inclusion of tank connections for external oil laundering / filtration carts and in-line sampling points costing a few pounds. We can provide:

•  Training for project engineers,
•  Equipment specification & sourcing,
•  Evaluation and justification of the economic case,
•  Installation and commissioning of Condition Monitoring systems.

Confirm the on-going effectiveness of machinery monitoring and protection systems.

If you have high value machinery which is protected by monitoring systems, how do you know the protection system will be effective in the event of a major machinery failure? We can evaluate and restore the effectiveness of monitoring and protection systems giving you peace of mind that your critical assets are adequately protected. We can provide:

•  Condition Monitoring system calibration and testing services,
•  Retrofitting / upgrade of monitoring systems.

Detect machinery problems early during commissioning before full stage production begins.

The first few months of operation of new plant is often marked by increased downtime and disruption as problems are ironed out. Disruption from rotating equipment can be minimised by specifying installation standards for rotating machinery and carrying out acceptance testing to detect problems as early as possible. Getting equipment checked before the end of any warranty period means you can hold suppliers accountable to deal with problems whilst it is their responsibility.

If you are a manufacturer faced with a machinery vibration problem on newly commissioned equipment you can also take advantage of our specialist skills and knowledge.

Whether you are responsible for operating, project engineering or supplying machinery we can provide:

•  Advice on appropriate standards for machinery installation, alignment, balance and acceptance,
•  In-situ, independent machinery acceptance testing against recognised standards,
•  Troubleshooting of any problems which may arise.

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