Specialists in Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

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Services: Condition Monitoring
Know the condition of your most critical machines.

We can provide you with routine monitoring services, deploying a mixture of techniques most suited to your plant. We take the time to understand the unique needs of your organisation and your plant and aim to become an integral part of your maintenance team, providing consistency of application and the highest degree of diagnostic accuracy. We can deploy any of the main Condition Monitoring techniques, so being a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for your CM service needs.

Get all the benefits of predictive maintenance, fast.

You may appreciate the benefits to be gained through Predictive Maintenance, but don’t know where to begin to set up a programme. Vendors promise returns of as much as 10:1 on investment, but many users do little more than break even. Surveys indicate the top 25% of users achieve significant savings – the difference between the top 25% and the rest is in the detail and scope of implementation. Partner with us to develop your in-house programme and we will ensure you achieve  significant financial returns:

•  Drastically reduce breakdowns,
•  Reduced maintenance costs,
•  Increased utilisation of labour,
•  Better risk management,
•  Increased consistency of operations.

You may have an existing Condition Based Maintenance programme but feel it is not giving you the benefits you anticipated. We can work with you, providing an Audit of your programme and practices.

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