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We are the new name for some old faces in Predictive Maintenance. Established in December 2010 we are passionate about helping customers to achieve substantial financial returns through application of Predictive Maintenance and a maintenance culture focussed on the simultaneous pursuit of increased operational reliability and lower costs.

...is to ensure our customers throughout the UK, Western Europe and beyond achieve extraordinary returns on their investment in Condition Monitoring through provision of results-focussed predictive maintenance and machinery troubleshooting services and consultancy on industrial maintenance and reliability, supported by selected, high quality products.

Our aim is to be the best value-for-money predictive maintenance service provider in the UK. Our services will consistently provide significant financial benefits to our customers, who will grow to regard our activities on their behalf as an integral part of their maintenance programme.

Our consultancy services will be trusted by our clients for the technical authority we display.

Where we supply, endorse or recommend a product it will be because we believe that product to be best fit for the requirements of our client.

We will value our staff highly, seeking always to develop their capabilities through training and mentoring, embracing a culture of continuous learning. As our organisation grows, we will always seek first to develop talent and promote from within.
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2012 Pragmatic Maintenance and Reliability Ltd
62 Brooklands Drive  |  Goostrey  |  Cheshire  |  CW4 8JD  |  UK  |  Telephone +44(0)1477 537095  |  Email info@pmar.co.uk